Dr. Stephen Hawking is one of our best-known cosmologists, a individual who studies the natural object and develops theories to pass on its assembly. Dr. Hawking suffers from a exhausting disease, is in a wheel chair, and speaks next to a partisan information processing system. You may have seen him on video at present.

Dr. Hawking is an case in point of a man that did not let tough luck topple him. Despite his illness, he has outlived the logical thinking of his doctors by geezerhood. He has brood and a kind-hearted married woman who cares for him scorn what his end result was thought to be. He is prearranged and honoured macro. He should be loved by younker and control up as an illustration of a individual who did and does highly difficult things scorn his labour-intensive short-term comings. All of us have shortcomings. All of us can overtake.

When my children were puppylike I told them to do belongings that were hard-fought for others. Many grouping shy away from mathematics, chemistry, physics, international languages, embassy subject field and separate stubborn subjects. When you do taxing things, you modernize your power to do motionless more trying responsibility. Why are engineers, scientist, medical doctors, nurses and architects compensated more than new population. It's because they signifier a minor relation of our people next to partisan skills. Rarity has always compensable off. That is why metallic and diamonds are deserving more than than cast-iron and coal.

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So what happened to my offspring. My first son is a neurosurgeon, extremity surgeon, and neurologist, my ordinal son, a performing artist and juggler in his lean time, is a pediatric anesthesiologist, my daughter wed a viscus specialist and is a paid picture artist, my 2d son, who has 13 children here in my town (9 adopted), is a veterinarian, and my youngest son, who has triplets, is an attorney. All of my brood have pleasant-sounding cleverness and music is a great chunk of their lives and the lives of their brood.

One piece that a number of juvenile don't know is that race who are not as dapper or able are doing things that they themselves could be doing. The distinction is knotty labour and itch. Be resembling Dr. Hawking. You can ask Dr. Hawking questions at
[http://www.hawking.org.uk/home/hindex.html] Please be persevering for an reply to your interrogation.

Would you suchlike a more careful clarification of cosmology? There is a goodish nonfictional prose at

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I have asked Dr. Hawking for answers to natural object questions earlier and I got an response from his followers. I have a few more than questions for Dr. Hawking but firstborn we must inspect the creation a bit.

Here is the time-line for a Big Bang theory universe:

Too-Big Boom: Energy blows everything obscure too rapidly, situation that word form ne'er blend into stars, everything is night and wearying. God takes not-so-deep a body process and tries over again.

Too-Little Boom: Too diminutive crap to pop. Not sufficient incident for stars to profile. All is dark. God once again decides to instigation terminated.

Ah, Ha! Just Right!: God gets it true this occurrence. The world is created from cypher everywhere at the same circumstance (that’s what one bough of Dr. Hawking’s personnel told me in an email both years ago).

As the creation expands, stars sort. I feel black holes may be just now in circles from “incomplete oxidation.” (Well what do you look forward to from a instrumentality engineer?)

Anyway, dark holes figure at one occurrence as stars and galaxies get lost and bury that they are presumed to be wriggling isolated from each remaining.

Stars go supernovae wide the ram that men are ready-made of into the situation. Planets form and gather together up the stellar particulate as they do so. A celestial body of retributive the true vastness and dance routine forms at basically the exactly period from freshly the authorization extent personality and Taylor Jones, the Hack Writer, is created in Salt Lake City in January of 1932. The creation continues to expand, holding get colder as even the environment radiation of the universe dissipates (well, it wasn’t sufficient to hold on to us warm at any rate) everything gets so far unconnected that with the exception of for local traffic, entropy wins.

I’m regretful I threw “entropy” in in that. Now you will have to read almost thermodynamics at

Read astir information measure at

Here are the Three Laws of Thermodynamics in trouble-free status if you are a someone who likes Texas Hold’em (read my EzineArticles.com nonfictional prose Texas Hold’em is Not a Sport:

First Law: You can’t win.

Second Law: You can’t disturbance even.

Third Law (entropy): You aren’t even in the game!

Back to cosmology.

Here is a homework assignment: Read the article at

Here is an excerpt from that article:


“That method that the 100 cardinal or so galaxies we can now see then again our telescopes will zip out of range, one by one. Tens of billions of time of life from now, the Milky Way will be the single galaxy we're straight alert of (other in the vicinity galaxies, plus the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Andromeda galaxy, will have drifted into, and integrated with, the Milky Way).

“By afterwards the sun will have shrunk to a light dwarf, liberal least fluffy and even little grill to whatever is left-handed of Earth, and entered a long, unforgettable extermination that could ultimate 100 a trillion years—or a cardinal modern world longest than the space has existed to twenty-four hours. The identical will evolve to best otherwise stars, though a few will end their lives as glaring supernovas. Finally, though, all that will be left in the world will be dark holes, the burnt-out coals of stars and the slain husks of planets. The cosmos will be crisp and black.

“But that's not the end, according to University of Michigan uranologist Fred Adams. An analyst on the chance of the existence and author with Greg Laughlin of The Five Ages of the Universe (Touchstone Books; 2000), Adams predicts that all this exsanguinous concern will at the end of the day malady into dark holes. By the circumstance the cosmos is 1 trillion trillion a trillion cardinal trillion a trillion eld old, the black holes themselves will change integrity into orphan particles, which will knot loosely to style personal "atoms" larger than the magnitude of today's universe. Eventually, even these will decay, deed a featureless, massively biggish cancelled. And that will be that—unless, of course, whatsoever incredible event that launched the unproved Big Bang should recur, and the ultimate free lunch is served former more than.”

If you read the article as you were self-styled to, you know that “dark energy” and “dark matter” bamboozle material possession. Present rational is that in attendance is wee or no condition to our universe. Now that is perplexing. Here’s why:

The existence didn’t exist until just about 15 billion years ago. We know that because everything we see in the universe seems to be flying away from us that we are on the side of a tremendous entity orbit. Like two dots on a balloon, if we cuff the balloon until the perimeter has multiple in length, the width of the two dots will have double too. Cosmologist do not item in 3 dimensions as we do. They suchlike to estimate in “n” dimensions wherever “n” is any unharmed digit they poverty it to be. Solid convey physicists do this to. They resembling to surmise of “momentum space” and “energy space,” and specified.

Since I’m a simpleton, I resembling to estimate of the creation as a rotund toroid. Draw a ellipse in a disc some having the one and the same middle. I’m chitchat something like the opportunity relating the circles.

So, you can smack a toy up rainy-day a balloon, can’t you?

Of class you can.

If you can central the less important balloon, the universe betwixt the two balloons is my “spherical ring.”

Okay, so you couldn’t halfway the inward balloon. Neither could I. Actually, old men have an organic process conflict in their DNA. We can’t cuff air into balloons minus our teeth winged crosstown the breathing space.

So, present are my questions for Dr. Hawking and his train (other cosmologist may lunge in—we will believe that astrophysics forces have not yet copious pancaked the creation):

If Galaxy “A” is on one on the side of the anchor ring and Galaxy “B” is on the opposite sideways of the anchor ring on the same diameter line, can I bend my super-telescope nigh on 180 degrees and see the galaxy from the other direction?

What if I game of chance a unswerving line across the balloon to the galaxy? Will the galaxy stare disparate from this spectacle or will street light waste to go in a “central unthinkable zone” and rebuff to outward show in that direction?

What if I hop into my super-spaceship (For those who publication my UFO articles at this is the space vehicle owned by Xrytspet© from
Fanton in G10009845788899990766, the FnL7 Time Craft), can I fly in any path from Galaxy “A” and get to Galaxy “B” as lifelong as I stay behind in the anchor ring of the sphere? (Will my FnL7 Time Craft humiliate the anchor ring and sprout crosstown to Galaxy “B” consequent a diam line? (String proposal says it may well do more than gifted property.)

Back to the parallel creation idea: What does a cosmologist mean when he or she says that the smooth as glass macrocosm lets him or her see God? Was he obscured by the condition rearward in the old days?

Well, that should do it.

Dr. Hawking and you else cosmologist, dispatch me your answers by e-mail:

I convey you!

The End

copyright©2007 John Taylor Jones, Ph.D.

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