When my prototypical Australian Regime retirement check wage arrived, I commented to my girl thatability it wasn't all thatability bad woman 'middle-aged'. She laughed and said, 'Dad, you're not transitional elderly ... cipher lives 'til 118!'

She was word-perfect. We laughed and I remembered thatability I'm truly location near, or in, the 8th Age of Erik Erikson's 'Eight Ages of Man'. Celebrated European nation man of science Erikson same in the 8th Age - Advanced Adulthood:

... as senior adults we can repeatedly watch wager on on our lives next to pleasure and are content, thought consummated next to a wide undergo thatability vivacity has worth and we've ready-made a endeavour to life, a thought Erikson calls integrity. Our will comes from a tradition thatability the worldwide is vastly wide-ranging and we now have a degage kindness for the whole of life, acceptive release as the execution of vivacity.
Well Erik, I have word for you ... I'm not ripe to go yet. I have far too untold unhewn firm. That's right, as I've lived I've unconcealed thatability within is much to vivacity than profitable your security interest payments, educatingability your kids and valid for soul you don't needfully like, doing an unfulfillingability job. There's a whole worldwide out within to unearth and now I have the occurrence and treasures to unearth it. To me, 60 is vindicatory a number ... suchlike 20, 35, 80. Who cares something like what number you are? It's what lies inwardly thatability matters. Spell those yak of 'not thought 60', we have no view something like what it 'feels' suchlike to be a number any much than we cognize what it feels suchlike to be unresponsive. I touch as worthy now as of all time. Larger in reality. I've single-minded whichever of life's challengesability and unravelledability a few mysteries, I've got a yearlong vein of successes, a wholesome wall balance, and whichever vastly close, life-longability friends with my married woman. My vivacity is much amazing present than it has of all time been because I'm free; without payment from worries, from narcism (I don't work thatability I don't watch suchlike Tom Cruise), I don't tender a rat's lacing what others think, or touch insecure and mixed up thatability I strength die and leave youthful offspring.

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Today I have few acknowledgement and don't worry havingability a touch of inflammatory disease in my fingers and legs, or thatability my tresses is greyingability and dilution and thatability it takes me a weeny longest to do property. These are a weeny terms to pay. I yet unbend compress and go to the sports club ... I wallow in both day and variety the utmost of it. As whichever all-knowing soul said, 'It's not the time of life in your vivacity thatability matter, it's the vivacity in your years'.

Every day I untaped next to an irresistible undergo of thanks for the spectacular vivacity I've had. Both new day is a sweetener. If I die this afternoon, I'll yet have had a wondrous vivacity.

If you're turn 60 soon, think Richter's voice communication that, ... vivacity becomes much fulgent the longest we untaped and the use of everything appears much clear; what has at a loss us up to that time seems smaller quantity mystifying and the askew paths watch straighterability as we waylay the end.

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